I am S.Tarr

Code, Writer, Bard


Freelance, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Front-End Developer

I specialise in creating user-interfaces for websites and web apps, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, built on top of various frameworks whilst utilising a variety of build tools and best practices, mixed with innovation.

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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Philosophy

Writer and Poet

I write, therefore, you read. I have written and published a volume series of poetry. I also have a few novels and short stories in the making, ranging from sci-fi and adventure to medieval fantasy and tales of dystopia.

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Ambient, Downtempo, Triphop, Electronica

Electronic Musician

I make music electronically, I go about it digitally. I have been making electronic music for the last 10+ years and my main genres are ambient, electronica, down-tempo, and trip-hop, and always expressive and experimental.

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