Hail and well met, I am


I am a freelance front-end developer.



Freelance Front-End Web Developer


I specialise in creating user-interfaces for websites and web apps, using HTML, CSS and Javascript, built on top of various frameworks whilst utilising a variety of build tools.

Writer And Poet


I write, therefore, you read. I have written and published a volume series of poetry. I also have a few novels and short stories in the making, ranging from sci-fi and adventure to medieval fantasy and tales of dystopia.

Electronic Musician


I make music electronically, I go about it digitally. I have been making electronic music for the last 10+ years and my main genres are ambient, electronica, down-tempo and trip-hop. The music is great for soundtracks or ambient background music.

Problem Solver


Every now and then, clients come to me with techincal web-related problems which I then go about fixing, or researching to find other possible solutions to fix the problem. This usually forms part of my general Front-End work.

Fun Fact

15 Years Front-End Development Experience

5 Books Published

20 Albums Released

6 Countries Visited

Biography (The long version)

“S.Tarr is a poetic fighter, a philosophical and spiritual igniter, a fantasy, adventure and sci-fi writer. A knight-errant on a quest to find beauty and wonder, love and purpose, vitality and rest. A freelance front-end coder exploring the vast frontier of the Web. A wandering pilgrim in search of the ultimate, the essence of life and the Revealer of All, the very best.”

Sean Anthony Tarr (born October 28, 1981) writes under the name S.Tarr, which to him symbolises a romantic view of his calling, and it also happens to be me. Having found a greater meaning to my name and to my voice, that of a celestial being that endowed with inherent greatness, I set off on my quest to uncover this greatness and to express my experiences of life, both in written word and in melodic sound.

I hail from the greater Cape Town area, South Africa, and I am a writer in every sense of the word. I wrote these very words that you are reading right now.

Apart from these words, I also write very short stories, known as poems, and longer stories, known as novels, and sometimes venture around in the middle and just writes short stories.

During the day I am a programmer, writing code and building interfaces for websites, and at night I composes electronic music under numerous virtual identities, sir nightowl, The X-Structure and, more recently, Soultrek, to name a few.

My first series of books, titled Thoughts Discovered, was published over a period of two years, with the fifth and final volume, Greater Things, published at the end of March 2015. The first volume in this five-volume series, Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests, was first published in October 2013.

Thoughts Discovered is a collection of inspirational, imaginative and thought-provoking writing, written in a distinct poetic style, spanning across various themes such as love and adventure, wisdom and worldview, and beauty and wonder. The poems were inspired by everyday observations, mystical musings and reflections on the wonder of life, and were all written between 2006 and up until the publication of the final volume in 2014. My ultimate goal is to publish a single book, containing all five volumes, as I had initially planned to do when I first had the idea to publish Thoughts Discovered.

My other goals, for the near future, are to finish the many novels and short stories that I have been writing for the last few years, and that have taken up resides in my head, starting with my first Nanowrimo novel, All Roads Lead To Roam, a dystopian sci-fi adventure fantasy, and then the follow-up to that story, the following year’s Nanowrimo novel, Saga of South, a medieval fantasy. These books form part of a trilogy, with the last novel in the series still untitled and unknown, but all will be revealed during another frantic month of writing, aka Nanowrimo. I have also started another series of novels, tentatively titled Intergalactic Quest, which is the writing project that I am currently focusing on. It is is a space opera/epic, with Good set against Evil and the whole expanse of space and adventure in between.

To get updates on my writing adventures and a first-hand account on how to self-publish your own poetry and stories, subscribe to the newsletter, Dispatches from the Frontier, or follow any of the links found in the “Connect with me” section on this page.

Before you leave why not say howdy, and let me know what you think of my works and my words, I’d be much obliged.




Jan 2017 – Present

Front-End Web Developer (Freelance)

Appy App Development

Maintenance work and new feature additions for various apps and websites, built on MEAN Stack (AngularJS and MongoDB) and WordPress (PHP).

August 2016 – Present

Front End Web Developer (Contractor)


Custom frontend development for websites using HTML/CSS/JS (Foundation 6).

CMS and website maintenance, and new feature additions, for websites built on the Google App Engine platform using Python, AngularJS.

WordPress Theme customisation, with CSS, custom functions, and plugins.

April 2016 – Present

Freelance Front-End Web Developer


Freelance Front-End Web Developer, specialising in HTML, CSS and Javascript (jQuery). WordPress Theme customisation, with CSS, custom functions and plugins. Currently exploring React.JS and furthering knowledge using Node.JS.

2005 – Present

Writer / Author / Poet


Writing poetry, short stories and novels based on everyday observations, mystical musings and reflections on the wonder of life. The themes include love, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, noir, dystopian and utopian, fairy tales and fables.

July 2013 – Present

Electronic Music Composer


Soultrek is a music project exploring the far reaches of the electronic music realm and the result is most often music that can be described as ambient, electronica, down-tempo or trip-hop.


March 2003 – March 2016

Head of Website Development, Front-End Operations and Lead Front-End Developer


Head of Website Development, overseeing the web development department and ensuring that a high standard of quality and professional workmanship is maintained throughout the development process.

Front-End Operations, staying informed and up to date with the latest emerging web technologies, maintaining efficient web development workflow, and implementing best-practices and international coding standards.

Lead Front-End Developer, coding of website interfaces by utilising HTML, CSS, Javascript.


2008 – 2012

Electronic Music – Composer, Producer, Maker, Visionary

The X-Structure

The X-Structure was an attempt at creating a virtual band. The band’s main appearance was in musical and literary form, with histories and the accounts of their adventures and whereabouts written to accompany the release of each new album.

The project was started in 2008, with 17 albums published, and ended in 2012 with the announcement of an indefinite sabbatical.


2002 – 2003


BA Brokers

Developed and maintained financial and CRM systems. Developed newsletter mailing software that integrated with the CRM system.

Coding Skills








Gulp / Grunt








Ricky van der Walt

Managing Director / Shapeshift

Sean is an extremist when it comes to web standards. With an eye for perfection, he has earned the title of Lead Front-end Programmer.


Dawie van der Westhuizen

Product Owner / JUMO.WORLD

Sean is an HTML king. I have rarely worked with people that have the passion for getting things “bomb proof” and Sean is one of these people. He always goes the extra mile to get the job done, even getting websites to look as good in IE6 as all the other browsers.


Malan Joubert

Front-End Developer / Freelance

Having worked with Sean on a large scale Front End project, I’ve come to appreciate his attention to detail and high standards. His optimism, inventiveness and technical skills are second to none, along with keeping a cool head when the pressure is on.

Kim Greyling

Kim Greyling

Project Manager / Now Boarding

Sean has an eye for detail that most people don’t have and you know when he delivers code to you, it’s solid and structured. He is a leader, team player and can work independently if required too. You can trust Sean with your projects. His ability to stick to deadlines and budget makes him an absolute dream to work with!

Jean-Pierre Mouton

Jean-Pierre Mouton

UX Product Designer & Manager / Hilti

I’ve worked with Sean for over a decade. He’s is a rock solid, highly talented, and experienced front-end developer with meticulous adherence to best-practice principles. He has a rare ability to plug himself into even the most obscure, messy or archaic of frameworks. In the workplace, his open and friendly disposition brings a great energy to the team.

Language Skills





Website Development – acscreens.co.za (in development)

Website Development – thefridgedubai.com

Full House Furniture

Website Development – fullhousefurniture.co.za

WordPress Theme Customisation – greyway.co.za

WordPress Theme Customisation – afriplex.co.za

WordPress Theme Customisation – maraisorthotists.co.za


WordPress Theme Customisation and Custom Functionality – allround-wiki

Appy Apps

Big Data App Frontend Development – performax


User Interface Development with Integrated Maps – assist247.co.za


Large-scale Corporate Website Developement – oldmutual.com


Website Templating System – webshift.co.za


Legend-Borne (album)


The complete collection

The X-Structure

terra incognita

sir nightowl

the view from the top

sir nightowl

Greater Things

Thoughts Discovered: Volume Five

The Wonder of It All

Thoughts Discovered: Volume Four

A View of the World

Thoughts Discovered: Volume Three

Wisdom for This Age

Thoughts Discovered: Volume Two

Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests

Thoughts Discovered: Volume One


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currently in: Cape Town, South Africa

Skype: sean.tarr

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