“On the road, over the hills,
home is where the heart is.
In distant lands, over the seas,
I am home when you are near me.”
– Home (Thoughts Discovered: Volume One)

You have reached the dusty cyber-frontier outpost of S.Tarr; writer, coder and electronic music bard; ronin, knight-errant and adventurer at heart.

Below, for your convenience, are links to my various written and musical works, along with links to other online haunts that I frequent.

– S.Tarr



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The Thoughts Discovered series:

Volume One: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests

Volume Two: Wisdom for This Age

Volume Three: A View of the World

Volume Four: The Wonder of It All

Volume Five: Greater Things



Soultrek – Legend-Borne (debut album in the making)

The X-Structure – The complete collection of 17 albums (all free to download)

sir nightowl – Where my electronic music journey started (two free albums)


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